Buckley's Chance

Buckley's Chance Movie Poster

A year after the loss of his father, 12-year-old Ridley and his mother, Gloria, move from New York City to Western Australian to live with Ridley's estranged grandfather. Ridley ends up lost, deep in the Outback without a soul in sight. He comes across a wild dog, entangled in an old barbed-wire fence.

As he saves the dingo from certain death, the two form an unexpected bond and embark on an epic journey of adventure and survival to find their way home.

Director: Tim Brown
Producer(s): Andrew Mann, Gilbert Adler, Scott Clayton, Todd Giroux
Cast: Bill Nighy, Martin Sacks, Victoria Hill, Kelton Pell, Milan Burch, Julia Billington, Ben Wood, Anthony Gooley
Writer(s): Tim Brown

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