Be The Man

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Release Date: August 31, 1998


Super Dave Osborne makes his feature film debut in this biographical comedy which chronicles his life from the time of his grandfather's funeral as a small boy to his becoming one of the world's greatest stuntmen.

On New Year's Eve 1999, Dave is set to perform a stunt where he is shot out of a device which catapults him from one trampoline to another 1999 times. To welcome the new millennium, on the 2000th bounce, Dave will be propelled onto a huge ball and dropped from the ceiling of the MGM Grand Hotel. He momentarily disappears by going through the opened roof, but just as he re-enters the hotel, the ball crash lands on him. As Super Dave is transported to the hospital, the story of his life and his decision to become a stuntman unfold.
Director: Dave Osborne
Studio: MGM/UA
Producer(s): David Steinberg, Larry Brezner, Mike Marcus
Cast: Dave Osborne, Don Lake, Fuji , Mike Walden
Writer(s): Dave Osborne, Don Lake, Dave Hoselton, Lorne Cameron

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