An Evening with Nazli Dinçel

An Evening with Nazli Dinçel Movie Poster
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Documentary, Drama, Other

Nazli Dinçel's handmade films reflect on experiences of physical and cultural disruption, from intimate states of arousal to Dinçel's own immigration from Turkey to the United States. By scratching, sewing, letter-punching, and hand-developing, they draw comparisons between the sensuous physicality of film and the body.

Dinçel will present a selection of works, including Between Relating and Use (2018), Shape of a Surface (2017), Solitary Acts (4, 5, 6) (2015), and Instructions on How to Make a Film (2018), along with the rarely screened video Untitled (2016), and discuss their practice. This event will have real-time captions (CART).

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