Agent Revelation

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Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

An ancient alien race landed on Earth 500,000 years ago, and brought along with them an ancient dust they call the Ash. The Ash has great power and is used as a weapon by the aliens, meant to control humans. When rejected CIA analyst Jim Yung (Derek Ting) comes in contact with the Ash, he's transformed into a super soldier, with superhuman abilities, who can communicate with the aliens.

When the aliens return to Earth, Alastair (Michael Dorn), the leader of a secret organization, becomes aware of Jim's newfound abilities and brings him to an underground facility to train for the fight against the aliens, who seek to control humanity.

Director: Derek Ting
Studio: Quiver Distribution
Producer(s): Joyce Yung
Cast: Derek Ting, Marikah Cunningham, Terrance C. Jones, Carole Weyers, Eve Mauro, Chris Sean Reid, Teo Briones, Matthew Ryan Burnett, Maxine Bahns, Kayla Ewell, Michael Dorn
Writer(s): Derek Ting

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