16 Blocks

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Release Date: March 3, 2006

On DVD/VOD: June 13, 2006

1h 42m | Action, Adventure, Drama

All he wanted to do was go home and get a drink.

But at 8:02 a.m., hungover NYPD detective Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis) is assigned a seemingly simple task. Petty criminal Eddie Bunker (Mos Def) is set to testify before a grand jury at 10:00 a.m. and needs to be taken from lock-up to the courthouse, 16 blocks away. It should take Jack 15 minutes to drop him off at the courthouse and get home.

But when assassins try to take Eddie out, Jack realizes there's more to this assignment than he'd anticipated and he calls for backup. Homicide detective Frank Nugent (David Morse) and his team are first to arrive at the scene. Eddie suddenly goes pale-–one of the detectives on Nugent’s team is the man he is supposed to testify against. In an instant, Jack’s quickie trip downtown turns into the nightmare of a lifetime: the criminals that want Eddie dead are actually cops.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Partly filmed in Toronto, Ontario.
Director: Richard Donner
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Producer(s): Arnold Rifkin, Avi Lerner, Jim Van Wyck, John Thompson, Randall Emmett
Cast: Bruce Willis, Mos Def, David Morse, Cylk Cozart
Writer(s): Richard Wenk
Official Site: www.16blocks.com

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