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Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Release Date: N/A
Director: P.J. Hogan
Producer: Jerry Zucker, Jocelyn Moorhouse
Studio: New Line Cinema
Starring: Kathy Bates, Rupert Everett, Jonathan Pryce, Dan Aykroyd, Meredith Eaton, Peter Sarsgaard, Julie Andrews
Genre: Comedy

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Unconditional Love Synopsis

After her husband (Dan Aykroyd) leaves her, a woman (Kathy Bates) travels to London for the funeral of the pop star she's adored all her life, Victor Fox (Jonathan Pryce). There, she meets the lover (Rupert Everett) of the dead pop star, and convinces him to come back to Chicago with her to figure out who murdered the singer.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Actor Dan Aykroyd.

The movie Unconditional Love is currently not playing anywhere in Canada.